Pre-Conference Workshop

Ten Big Ideas in Energy – What Everyone Needs To Know

Presented by Professor Adonis Yatchew, University of Toronto
Wednesday, 12 February 2020 – 10am – 5pm

We are in the midst of an historic energy transition with global consequences.  How does a layperson begin to develop an understanding of the decisions that continue to shape our economies, the environment and geopolitics?  Where does an instructor begin when teaching a basic course on energy? These tasks are even more daunting in today’s era of fake news and changing political norms.

This course assembles ‘10 Big Ideas’ that are foundational to appreciating the complexities of today’s energy issues. Drawing on economics, politics and geopolitics, history and the applied sciences, the course outlines a series of simple cross-disciplinary narratives which provide a basis for thinking about these energy challenges.

Participants will consider and evaluate 10 big ideas on energy which form the core of this course. The ideas are useful in considering such questions as:

  • How do long-term political trends affect energy policy and regulation?
  • How does one think about the proper role of government in energy markets?
  • What kinds of incentives are effective in driving innovation?
  • How can history inform our understanding of energy transitions and their consequences?

Participants will also have the opportunity to propose and discuss other ideas which they consider to be critical.

The course should be of interest to young energy professionals, academics teaching courses in energy economics and related fields, individuals working in regulatory and policy environments, and those who want to refresh their understanding of key energy ideas. Members of the business community who would benefit from a ‘big picture’ approach might also wish to attend.

Free to attend but spaces are limited. Please RSVP during registration.

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