The conference theme is to understand and evaluate the implications of the emerging energy transition for energy markets and consider and debate policies to facilitate the transition. The conference program will address critical issues of vital concern and importance to governments and industries, and provide a forum where policy issues are presented, considered and discussed at both formal sessions and informal social functions.

We welcome abstracts presenting research on the following themes and topics:

 Theme: Energy in Transition

Conference Topics:

  1. Asian Energy in transition by 2040: national strategies, forecasting transition, long term energy scenarios, country studies
  2. Fossil Fuels: green shift in China, innovative technology, infrastructure investment, supply and demand forecasts, trade
  3. Smart Cities and Grids: disruptive technology, utility challenge, new business models, demand side management, storage, renewable integration, ancillary services
  4. Efficient Energy: macroeconomic, industrial innovation, structural change, sector and economy level trends
  5. Electricity Markets: market structure, performance, reforms, market design, integration of renewables, capacity markets
  6. Energy Transitions in Transport: electrification, autonomous vehicles, market share, hydrogen, road pricing,
  7. Low-carbon economy: climate change, policy, carbon pricing, market design
  8. Policies and regulations to achieve energy transition: economy level studies, foreign direct investment, institutional change, regional market interconnection

All submissions should be in reference to work currently underway or completed within the last year.

We welcome abstracts presenting research using a wide diversity of methods:

  • Economic studies (e.g. econometric, optimisation)
  • Field and lab experiments
  • Surveys, conjoint analysis
  • Techno-economic bottom-up models
  • General equilibrium, macro models
  • Game-theoretical methods
  • Simulations (e.g., agent based models)
  • Interdisciplinary research (e.g., law and economics, political economy)
  • Business cases / case studies / benchmarking

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